Industry Replication Model

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Get real-world exposure and become industry-ready while building a real product or a company.

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Industry Replication Model

Industry Replication Model is a practical product development methodology for students in the engineering streams.

IRM accelerates the product development process and promotes industry readiness in students aspiring to become an entreprneur or a careerist.

IRM helps students build and ship their own tech or learn industry relevant skills through a mix of advisory, consulting, and solutions for all stages of the product lifecycle.


• Feasibility Analysis
• Product Market Fit
• Idea Processing
• Idea Refinement


• Design Concept
• Wireframing & UX
• Architecture
• Tech Stack


• Defining Agile Sprints
• Team Management
• Development Environment
• Documentation


• Audience Building
• Unit & User Testing
• Market-readiness
• Ship to Market

IRM for Entrepreneurs

Ship Market-ready Products

Get expert guidance, industry-ready talent pool and all the resources to turn your requirement/concept/idea into a market-ready, revenue-generating business.

IRM for Careerists

Become Industry-ready Professional

Work in an industry-replicated ecosystem to gather employability skills that recruiters and companies look for. Grow as a professional with continuous learning, skill development and assessment.

How it Works?

Industry Replication Model works closely with universities to create talent pools, dividing students as either Entrepreneurs or Careerists based on AbleAlly's Proprietary AbleTest.

The talent pools work collectively while sharing expertise, resources and knowledge to achieve a single goal: building a successful product.


Enrolee discovers his/her natural calling by taking AbleAlly's AbleTest and getting certified to onboard as an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur.


Conselling for project assignment leading to collaboration with other members of the IRM ecosystem to develop a product.


Project delivery leads to launch of the product as a startup. Entrepreneurs get their product ready and intrapreneurs learn real life skills.

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Team AbleAlly

AbleAlly is building a collaborative ecosystem for engineering students in India.

AbleAlly encourages students in India through a series of initiatives including consulting, mentorship, development methodologies and assistance to turn an idea (or the final year engineering project) into a revenue generating startup.

AbleAlly aims at building a cohesive ecosystem of products and companies by providing right guidance, tools and direction for building, launching and growing a successful company while solving everyday problems of consumers/businesses through technology.

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